Michael Romero Fine Art

Michael was born on January 29, 1992 in Santa Fe New Mexico. From an early age, his talent as an artist was realized by his Uncle, Joseph Romero, where they both would work side by side sketching in pencil.  Joseph, amazed by the ability of his nephews artistic skills, recognized it as more then just a gift. Growing up on a ranch with his grandparents there was little to do but to be creative with his time, his unique talents were encouraged with loving support and the materials to create!

Romero started with oils and after a few weeks felt comfortable enough to call him self a master with oil paints.  After 2 months he was capable of hyper realism.  Feeling unfulfilled or satisfied with his art, he felt there was more to be done and be discovered then just realism.  This was his first mental step towards the innovation of Romeroism. 

With no formal art training other than grade school, Romero became fascinated by art styles. In 2011 he was introduced to the art work of Jackson Pollock.

"Pollock's work was instrumental in making me the artist I am today.  When I first viewed it, it looked like any child could splash paint, but when you really look at a Pollock there is order to his chaos. While his colors were splashed and dripped, they really did create a brilliance of light and texture that is appealing to look at."  

"On the other hand discovering Claude Monet was an eye opening experience for me as well.  The impressionistic brush strokes lacked detail but had so much of it when standing at a distance. This is when I realized how the manipulation of light and directional brush strokes could be used to stimulate and fool the eyes and brain."

After doing little research using the internet, Romero found passion and drive to create an entirely new genre of art to share with the world but the only problem was there was no one who could teach what had not existed but to rely on himself. 

After experimenting repeatedly, giving up never crossed Romero's mind, he was confident and hopeful that he would achieve the style of art work that was already clearly laid out in his head.  In a single night he was able to discover a concept to make his creations come to life.   The forging of a tiny coil which was influenced by the Tesla coil and a little known show called Moonshiners!  He assumed this would be the perfect shape that would have enough surface tension which allowed the paint to flow in a controlled manner while at the same time retaining larger quantities of paint for continuous drizzle.  The style Abstract impressionism meets Realism came to life, a style that brought two masters together in collaboration...Claude Monet and Jackson Pollock.

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