Michael Procaccini / Key West Photo Artist

Michael Procaccini began his photography career at a young age growing up on the north shore of Ohio. After spending so much time in and around the fresh water islands including Put-n-Bay and Kelly’s, the move south to Key West was inevitable. 

His first gallery, Key West Art Gallery & Gifts On Green St, he set the foundation for the move to Duval Street and the creation of Art On Duval Key West, A Procaccini Gallery.

His travels have given him the opportunity to fall in love with landscapes from all over the world and yet his love of Key West always brings him back. One of his earliest and fondest memories of the Keys was as a young boy traveling across the 7 Miles Bridge for the first time. As the co-pilot for his family’s motor home; traveling over the ocean on a bridge so narrow; it was hard to believe that two vehicles could fit passing each other at the same time.

The love of everything Key West, the artists, photographers, musicians, writers and all of the quirky characters combined are some of the many reasons why this little island has a permanent hold on his life.  

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